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Commercial Landscaping & Lawn Services

Stratus Building Solutions thinks "outside your building" when carefully servicing your facilities to improve appearances.

Your property's exterior is where visitors form impressions about your organization. That appearance should reflect your operational excellence. Our licensed, certified and insured landscape personnel are skilled at making common exteriors appear uncommonly beautiful.

We provide comprehensive solutions from mowing and trim, pruning, planting and fertilizing, to complete landscape development, irrigation, maintenance and beautification. We also specialize in cleaning and maintaining "hardscapes" such as brick, stone, asphalt, decks, pools and spas.

Whether it's installing new landscape designs, restoring run-down sites or simply maintaining landscapes with attentive services, we render the expertise to showcase your facilities, creating positive impressions.

Our Landscaping & Corporate Lawn Services are cost-efficient for commercial, corporate, multi-family, academic, industrial and professional sites, regardless of acreage. To discuss your landscaping needs and our cost-efficient solutions, call us today!

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Stratus Building Solutions Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services are reliable, flexible and cost-efficient.

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