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Your restroom is as much as part of your company as your conference room, lobby or front entrance way.

Negative restroom experiences have repercussions that can last forever. Your restrooms are one of the first impressions your customers will receive about your building, business and commitment to quality.

Stratus Building Solutions Sani-Proof System is a hygienic cleaning process that incorporates high- pressure washing and chemical injection specifically designed to remove germs, dirt and buildup. Tests show that Sani-Proof cleaning removes up to 60 times the contaminants than traditional mops and brushes cleaning methods. The result is a sanitized restroom that looks and smells clean- because it is Sani-Proof clean.

Stratus Sani-Proof kills dangerous bacteria, including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Norovirus and other bio contaminants often found in schools, public restrooms, health clubs, daycare centers, gyms, dormitories, locker rooms, medical offices and hospitals.

Every urinal, toilet, sink and even the floor is treated with Stratus Sani-Proof followed by a fresh water rinse.

Water is vacuumed away along with bacteria and soil, allowing floors to dry quickly.

All fixtures are blown dry so your restroom is ready for immediate use.

Our enzymes stay in the restroom and continue to Sani-Proof after we leave, helping to keep things healthy, safe and clean for your customers and employees.

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